Welcome to the TUSAIL Experimental Measurements Database

FAIR Data Management is becoming an ever more important aspect within research. Generated datasets need to be findable and reusable so that they can help generate long-term impact. Data repositories such as Zenodo are crucial in the quest for FAIR data as they provide secure long term access and a permanent doi.

However, they are also quite limited in the amount of metadata they store, particularly with regards to finding details about a specific granular material (particles sizes, shapes, etc). This makes it quite difficult for researcher and industrialist alike to find useful datasets across the many different online repositories. Also the decentralised approach where each university also provides it's own data repository is further increasing the difficulty in finding the data you want - where do you begin to search?

The TUSAIL Network is endeavouring to build an Experimental Measurements Database that collates and stores the relevant metadata for the material and test equipment that is missing from repositories, alongside a link to the full dataset. This becomes a searchable database of all available data, enabling the end-user to find detailed experimental datasets that match their needs.