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Metadata Structure

Measurement is the process of quantifying the attributes of an object or event. Measurements are typically made to allow the comparison of one object or item to a reference quantity. Measurement is the cornerstone of science and engineering and therefore the quality and accuracy of the measurement is key. However, it is also important that the details of the measurement are accurately recorded.

In the context of granular materials, measuring the material characteristics can be a challenge and may often involve complex process or equipment. Granular materials may also be be susceptible to other parameters such as environmental conditions such as temperature or humidity. To fully understand the measurement it is important that all of these different aspects are carefully recorded along side the measured quantity of interest.

Components of a Measurement on a granular material.

The above figure shows the various components that make up an experimental measurement. A detailed experimental record, should not only include the final observed results, but also the detailed information of the material, the equipment and the environmental conditions at the time of measurement.

The structure is captured in the TUSAIL Experimental Measurements Database, which requires both a material record and an equipment record be present to record an experimental result.